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Is there any proof or evidence of alien / extraterrestrial life existence?

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There is currently a lot of data collected that points to the potential existence of extraterrestrial life.

As technology and humanity advance, we have better access to more accurate information about our place in the universe. Recently, there have been advances such as the discovery of thousands of planets similar in size to Earth, some within their sun’s habitable zone! We’re also much closer than ever before to finding signatures of water on other planets, which could be a sign that life exists as well! The recent NASA Blue Marble video has given us an accurate representation of both what Earth looks like from orbit and how close our planet actually is in relation to those around it. As this knowledge continues growing and being shared, it will help steer humanity towards exploring corners of our universe that used to seem impossible.

Today, I came across a question from a field investigator who asked an interesting one about the existence of alien and extraterrestrial life forms: specifically, if there is any proof or evidence to support this idea in real terms, such as physical proof or photographs. This week we’re going to take a look at how far science has come in documenting the possible existence of extraterrestrial life through personal accounts and eyewitness testimony, information collected by radio telescopes and satellites, physical evidence left behind on Earth (which may have been caused by aliens), crater analysis which includes geometric shapes deviating from natural meteors and rocks, artificial structures found on Mars among many other pieces of information! Of course, all of these items are just anecdotal evidence, so no one can say for sure that this proves aliens do or don’t exist. But the fact that there are so many independent pieces of data leading to this possibility makes it harder to completely dismiss it as a logical conclusion.

Non-physical proof:

Personal accounts and eyewitness testimony: Perhaps the most compelling evidence I have found was from personal accounts of people who were either abducted by aliens or actually saw them (or what they thought were UFOs) while on different vacations around the world! Many of these cases were in areas with little other human activity nearby and each account is very detailed and specific about some very unusual circumstances. Everything from strange lights in the sky, body modification, implant removal and even multiple witness sightings are represented here!

A couple of examples of these cases can be found in these videos by Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who is the founder, executive director and lead researcher for the Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (CAAR) as well as being a star on the show Ancient Aliens:

One thing I found interesting when reading up on eyewitness testimony was some people have reported that UFOs seem to come in twos! Others claimed they were surrounded by six or more at one time and all seemed to behave identically like a hive mind. Some alien abductees claim that not only do the aliens communicate with them telepathically but other abductees also! There’s also plenty of video evidence of UFOs taken by everyday people from around the world posted online:

Mass Sightings in China:

There was a sighting of 10 UFOs over the Nanyang city area posted to Youtube back in November 2011 (the video below). A few months later there was another mass sighting of 8 UFOs in the same general area. The objects were seen by many witnesses and photographed as well:

That being said, personal accounts are only really useful when they can be corroborated by physical evidence. There’s also plenty of false claims that people make which should be taken into consideration when weighing eyewitness testimony (especially those who profit from their stories). Personally, I believe such information is very valuable and should definitely not be dismissed out of hand but used rather as a way to find holes or inconsistencies then weighed against other pieces of evidence!

In some cases, there is tangible physical evidence left behind after an alien abduction. This includes burn marks from lasers, metal implants in and around the body (used to control a person’s actions or emotions as well as for communication), removal of reproductive tissue due to cloning purposes, strange fluids containing DNA/RNA found on walls or clothes and even bruises that don’t show up until days after an abduction experience!

One very interesting case happened back in 1975 when Betty Andreasson was abducted from her home. Her husband noticed she had been gone for about 10 hours before she returned home later that evening. She claimed she couldn’t remember anything at all about what had happened but felt tired and sick like someone would after being out in the cold weather long enough to catch a cold.

The next day they found burn marks on the back of Betty’s neck and a few days later she started to recall memories from the previous abduction which included many details including seeing strange beings, being shocked with electricity as well as other events that had occurred during the night of the abduction (including interactions with her family). This story was chronicled in detail by Raymond Fowler in his book The Andreasson Affair:

What do you think?

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