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Man Finds Ancient City In Public Lidar Maps

Takeshi Inomata, an archaeologist for the National Institute of Statistics and Geography within Mexico, recently made an astonishing discovery in a most unlikely of ways.

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Before modern technologies, the only real way to investigate an ancient site, was to visit the area and either excavate specific places of interest, or, simply observing said sites from the ground level…

However, thanks to modern radar and Lidar systems, the sites can now be scanned and then observed in depth from afar.

However, to implement such technologies on a certain site of interest is incredibly expensive. Something Takeshi knows all too well.

After investing $62,000 on an Lidar scan of an area a mere 35 square miles in size, he unfortunately returned no new discoveries in the area.

This initially disappointed Takeshi, but a few months later, after researching previous investigations in the area, he was incredibly excited when he came across a previous Lidar scan, one originally made by Mexican official studies of the area, he found a treasure trove available for free online.

Published in 2011, it covered an astonishing 4,440 miles square, and covers the areas of Tabasco and Chiapas, in-which, Takeshi has since discovered an additional set of 27 ancient ruins, all previously hidden within this public access map, this not only expands our understanding of these claimed Mayan ruins, but also expands the breadth of this astonishing, now lost civilisations reach, and indeed the original size of their mega metropolis, which covers many hundreds of miles square and is now estimated to have once been inhabited by at least 10 million individuals…

Takshi learned about the map via Rodrigo Liendo, an archaeologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and although it was of a low resolution, the ruins stood out to Inomata, since, and now, thanks to his work, we have a number of once lost, but now found ruins. All of which, demand further exploration if we are ever to unravel the mysteries of our past.

“We can see a much better picture of the entire society,” Takeshi told the media.

 “The stuff he is finding is crucial for our understanding of how Mayan civilisations developed,” added Arlen Chase, an archaeologist at Pomona College.

We will keep you posted on any further developments regarding these new discoveries, especially any future excavations.

It is a find, a lost civilisation, and indeed an area of archeological interest and intrigue, which we find, highly compelling.

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