Tom DeLonge: There Are Many UFO Videos Filmed By Pilots From As Close As about 3 Metres

In the 1990s, we first met Tom DeLonge as a member Blink-182, a multi-platinum pop punk trio that bridged the gap that existed between boy bands and more aggressive rock groups. This was the TRL era.

It has produced six albums since its infancy, and is currently sharing the label with Angels & Airwaves and Box Car Racer. Their sixth album, Lifeforms, will be released on September 24.

The most fascinating thing about his work, and the reason we mention it, is the fact that he has dedicated much of his time and money in recent years to studying UFOs. He formed a research group called To The Stars Academy of Arts. and Sciences (TTSA) released videos of unidentified aerial phenomena, which were confirmed legitimate by the Pentagon.

We were prevented by the Pentagon from seeing

Not all of the UFO material reached DeLonge’s hands through his contacts, including ex-officials from government agencies, could be seen. Tom DeLonge spoke to Guitar World about another passion during a recent interview.

“We were surprised to see that the UFO videos that were leaked in 2017 ended-up being published by the Pentagon two year later. Is there more? They asked him.

There is so much to it. The entire album and movie Monsters of California jumps to many of these things. We want people to be able to take in the information and take it all in. UFOs are a hot topic in the US. They’ve been active since the mid-1940s.

They keep their mouths shut as they work to resolve all the issues that come with it. There are many things you can’t understand when it comes to evidence, videos, and data. It was impossible to understand. It was a very small portion of their billion-dollar annual spending, he said, clearly referring to the Pentagon AATIP program. This program was exposed alongside the UFO videos of Navy.

The new member of Angels & Airwaves assured us that there are incredible videos showing these objects, known as UAPs.

“Where did they get the videos, the ones that we posted? They had 26. That was just a small branch of a larger tree. In some videos, UFOs are seen tracking the F / A-18 for 20 minutes. Pilot panics and shouts that the UFO is scanning his plane at 600 miles an hour.

He replied that we hadn’t seen filmic evidence. However, some high-ranking Pentagon officials were upset to learn they were being classified. Yes, there’s more! “



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