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Huge Loch Ness Monster Like Creature Captured By Drone In Scotland

A visitor was shocked to be able to see the outline of the famous Loch Ness monster in his 4K footage shot by drone.

There’s definitely something massive and a bit spooky within the Scottish lakes, despite numerous claims to the contrary from skeptical people. There is a belief that a mysterious creature lives inside Loch Ness, which has been observed here for a long time and is still watched to this day.

It is famous throughout the world as Nessie. Strange sea creatures can also be seen in other rivers and lakes of Scotland. Recently, a new evidence of their existence been discovered.

The 54 year old British residents Richard Mayver enjoys outdoor activities including fishing and boating. He runs a YouTube channel dubbed “Richard Outdoors” and uploads regularly his videos on the channel.

In the middle in August Richard spent his time in Scotland and he rode in a canoe along the river that runs between Loch Lough and Loch Ness recording his trip using a camera for video and using drones from high elevation.

In the course of time the drone captured the shoreline on which the canoes stood however, even though this scene in the uploaded video was just a few seconds the majority of viewers immediately saw something odd in the water close to the shoreline.

This item was about two canoes long and, most importantly, appeared to be the prehistoric sea lizard that had the neck extended – an Plesiosaur.

Richard himself didn’t notice this until editing his video however, the viewers were aware and began to think that Richard likely filmed his version of the Loch Ness monster.

Loch Ness Monster

Increasing the contrast makes the subject more visible

“I must have re-viewed the footage multiple times in order to find this. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but the image has the same form like Nessie’s previous observations.” Richard told reporters.

“The more I study it more, the more I think it’s awesome, as there was nothing that could clarify the situation. There was no fin (trees in the water) or something similar to that. It’s hard to tell. We were there for a few days and I thought I’d snap some beautiful beach photos for my YouTube channel. “

“I didn’t realize it was in the video until other people suggested I be attentive to it. It could be a trick with light but we cannot be certain,” concluded Richard.

Richard Mayver

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