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The UFO Crash In Alençon, 1790: Mysterious Humanoid Escaped From The Large UFO

Many people believe that UFOs was not discovered until the 20th century. However, some preserved evidence suggests that aliens and UFOs were a common sight to humans for hundreds of thousands of years. Evidently, a UFO crash took place in Alencon in the year 1970.

One of the evidences is believed to be kept at the archives of French Academy of Sciences in Paris.

In 1967, an individual named Antonio Fenoglio who was a professor in the University of Bologna (Italy) According his own account, received a note was discovered in the archives regarding an UFO crash that took place in 1790, which is 231 years ago.

The letter message was sent from a police inspector named Labeuf, who was dispatched by Paris into the Alencon area during July 1790 in order to fully investigate the cause of a “dangerous incident” near the city gates. The report included many reputable witnesses.

When Labeuf arrived at his location and spoke to people in the area, the following tale was revealed:

In the early hours of five a.m. on the 12th of June the 12th, several farmers spotted the huge ball appear to be in flames. Initially, they thought that the balloon had caught flames ( a few years before the incident in the past, they had witnessed the Montgolfier brothers had successfully completed the first ever balloon-flight ) However, their attention was drawn by the balloon’s fast fall and the whistling sound that emanated from the ball.

“The balloon slowed down, made a few twitches and fell on to the top of the hill, uprooting the trees along the slope. The heat emanating from it was so strong that soon the grass and trees caught fire. The peasants managed to contain the fire that could have spread throughout the territory.” …

“In the evening, warmth was still emanating from this sphere, and then something unusual happened. Two mayors, a doctor and three other government officials arrived, dozens of peasants present there were witnesses of this.”

“The sphere, which was large enough to accommodate a carriage, was not affected by this whole fall. The phenomenon sparked such curiosity that people came from all over the area to see it.”

“Then suddenly (in the sphere) a door opened, and, interestingly, a person like us came out of it, but this man was dressed strangely, in a tight-fitting suit and, seeing all this crowd around the sphere, he told them a few incomprehensible words and then fled into the forest. “

“The villagers instinctively stepped aside in fear, and it saved their lives, because soon after, the sphere exploded in complete silence, throwing shards all over the place, and these pieces burned until they turned to powder.”

“Researchers began to find the mysterious man, but he seemed to have completely disappeared.”

If the information, as quoted above, is true and reliable, it suggests that UFOs that have crews are visiting us for a long time back.

The aircraft could have malfunctioned or overheated, or suffered other issues that led to the emergency landing. When the pilot noticed that there was a large crowd were gathered around him, he might have decided to take down his vessel in order to reveal the proof of existence.

Fortunately, there were not injuries, and the feedback of witnesses helped Labeouf write an exhaustive account for the French Academy of Sciences.

However, aside from the note from Professor Fenoglio concerning this archived document, there is nothing else made of it.

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