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Mysterious Lights Over Gujarat, India

ufo lights
  • Date of sightings: June 22, 2021
  • Location of sightings: Gujarat, India

People living in the city of Gujarat reporting glowing lights over the city. The also reported hearing a large explosion when the lights first appeared. In the videos there are two sets of hovering lights moving over the city.

One will have 3-4 continuous glowing orange light and then another begins to follow it. Each set of four lights are just one craft.

The explosion heard are from the UFOs shooting away out of earths atmosphere or into earths atmosphere… at high speed.

The speed had to have broken the sounds barrier for the sonic boom to be that big. UFOs can easily do that.

These are 100% real UFOs and are proof that an alien base exists somewhere near the city of Gujarat, India 6km below the surface. 

What do you think?

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