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A Revolution That’s Made in India, for the World

Weather change is real and so is the want to opposite it. This is not information to any folks. And i know all of us need to make a distinction. However the question is how will we opposite climate change and additionally improve our improvement as a state, collectively.

80% of the cars offered in India these days are wheelers and regardless of that handiest 12% of India owns a two wheeler. These automobiles devour 12,000 cr liters of gas every year and are liable for 40% of air pollutants.

Actually, this penetration is going to grow exponentially in the coming years and we virtually can not permit that to happen. So moving to EVs is no longer optionally available, it is vital.

However a shift like this calls for innovation and manufacturing at a global scale and high-quality. That’s what we were upto with the Ola Futurefactory – the largest 2W factory within the world – and that’s what we are introducing in the marketplace nowadays. It’s a revolution on wheels. It’s referred to as the Ola S1 and it is, pretty clearly, the first-rate scooter ever made.

Our intention has been to build products which might be both sustainable and revolutionary and with the S1, we’ve achieved simply that. It has the nice layout, satisfactory performance and high-quality era.

Great Design:

To be had in 10 stunning hues in satin, matte and smooth finishes, Ola S1 comes with iconic dual headlamps, ergonomic and fluidic frame, superior alloy wheels, sculpted seating, and the most important boot space that fits helmets simply.

Best Performance:

It is setting new industry benchmarks with various 181 Kms, acceleration of 0-40 kmph in three.0 seconds, and a pinnacle speed of a hundred and 15kmph. It has a 3.97kWh of battery capacity, greater than 30% better than the subsequent closest EV, and the most powerful motor in the class with 8.5 KW of peak energy.

Ola S1 also comes with a proprietary Battery management gadget (BMS) which actively video display units the battery for ultimate sturdiness, performance, variety and safety.

Best technology:

S1 brings technology this is numerous generations ahead of some thing available on the market. It has no physical key and pairs along with your telephone with its “digital key” feature. This allows it to realize when you’re close to it and unencumber robotically. It’s going to also lock itself as you circulate away. It has a multi-microphone array, AI speech recognition algorithms that have been constructed in-residence, and the sharpest, brightest 7-inch touchscreen display ever installed a scooter.

With our homegrown MoveOS, customers can’t best adjust the look & feel of the show however additionally how the scooter sounds. It will have four moods at release – Bolt, Care, vintage and surprise, and will offer a customized automobile sound enjoy that suits your mood of the day. It’ll also include 3 using modes – ordinary, sport and Hyper so as to personalise the way you experience.

We have added a number of safety functions which are uncommon inside the two wheeler section. Ola S1 has an anti robbery alert machine, geo fencing, and a battery which is flame retardant and water & dirt resistant. It also has front and rear disc brakes and ‘Hill preserve’ characteristic which makes driving in site visitors and navigating inclines smooth.

The 110/70 R12 tyres, rear mono-shock suspension and front single fork suspension ends in a whole lot advanced avenue grip and using experience. It has a cruise mode that makes driving secure and convenient and a opposite mode that makes it smooth to park and exit tight spaces.

With a strong snatch rail for protection, a aspect step and sculpted seating, pillion riders too will love how secure their ride might be. The scooters also come with voice popularity that enables you to finish your key obligations quickly without having to bother with navigating the menu.

Ola S1 also solves certainly one of the largest challenges which has hampered the boom of the EV quarter in India has been the prematurely value. Ola S1 comes at a innovative rate of Rs 99,999. This rate is ex-showroom along with reputation II subsidy and excludes state subsidies.

In states with energetic subsidy grants, Ola S1 could be a lot more low-priced than many petrol scooters. For example, after state subsidy in Delhi, the S1 would cost just Rs 85,099. whereas in Gujarat it might be handiest Rs seventy nine,999. We have additionally tied up with banks and economic institutes for an EMI plan starting at Rs 2,999.

The first phase of Futurefactory is near completion and our teams are busy perfecting each and every feature for you. We will officially open Ola S1 for purchase from 8th September 2021, and will start deliver in across 1000 cities and towns in October. Till then, Ola S1 is available for reservation at just INR 499.



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