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Russian Presenter Zhanna Reveals Her Reptilian Identity Live Allatra

Do you believe in the existence of reptilians? ALLATRA reissues a show showing how this Zhanna woman changes her eyes to a reptilian appearance, repeats it up to 3 times.

A videotape of “ AllatRa TV” shows the images of a woman’s eye modification, presented as an “ alien”, during what seems to be the live broadcast of one of the episodes of the Russian show “ On the Threshold of Change”

We do n’t usually believe, or literally suck into that series of videotape contributions ( hourly of low quality and the result of multiple passages and copies) that would show celebrities or characters taken from TV programs, whose eyes would hide the features of a “ reptilian” alien, or” reptiloid “. What we propose now doesn’t change our suspicion, but however skeptical, we believe, in the freedom of expression and in the balance that distinguishes our work of information, that it’s right to present it to you in order to allow each of you to make your own. opinion.

Original video “AllatRa TV”

The context of the videotape is really curious it comes from “ AllatRa TV” (above you have a selection of frames from the original videotape), a Web channel whose namesake movement is led by the Russian expounder- clerical Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, present in the images. He hourly makes use of the appearance of two collaborators, including Zhanna, who’s the object of the avouched “ alien” curiosity. The tape that we propose below, has aroused our “ curiosity”. It was published by an amateur channel of “ ufology”, “ We Are Not Alone.” It has one criterion, however, that distinguishes it from others of the same type the quality of the HD images, which surprised us.

       Video taken from the Net on “We Are Not Alone”

Presently, the extreme delicacy of the slow movement that shows a “ blink” of the “ mutant” eyes is definitely emotional the images, edited and replayed in sequence, reproduce the marvel with the befitting hows of freezing, zooming and slow motion, highlighting it. The discourse is quiet and New Age style, as is happy in these cases. Urged by the requests of some followers, the interpreter asks Zhanna to open and close her eyes. The woman is eager to “ show off” her pupils dilate, converting into being known and seen on the Internet, but never so clearly. Several frames latterly Zhanna is asked “ How multiplex are you?”, And she replies “ We’re farther than you want and far fewer than you hope”. The presence of Zhanna on TV would so be a deliberate act of manifestation by a reptilian who wishes to shoot an specific communication to all watchers!

Frame slow motion zoom of the original “AllatRa TV” video

Intrigued, we went to check, as far as possible given the distance from Russia, and we found an exaltation, in our opinion, due to the “ amateur”post-production. For this reason we’ve decided to give you a filmic “ vision” without external intervention on the source tape, except our action of cutting and enlarging. In addition to being fit to see the original full tape, we’ve proposed above a first film faithful to the presumed direct, selected from the frames concerned, which we’ve equipped with the necessary subtitles to understand what those present say in Russian during those moments; and we’ve made for you two zoom-slow motion micro videos, produced presently in the editorial office without any additions, except the “ sharpness” filter to highlight the alleged eye flare of the woman.

What do you think?

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