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The Secret Time Travel Program And Political Manipulation By The CIA

It has been speculated for decades that the United States government could manage to Temporary time travel dominates It was then used to manipulate the political or social spheres of the nation the world.

According to the informant the United States dominated temporary travel

According to the United States Department of Security, an informant stated that the nation had time traveled by 1967.

The government created a Fully functional technology They were able to use this information to travel through time based on Nikola Tesla’s quantum investigations.

This technology was used for covering Installations for the military They can manipulate American politics and influence the world’s future.

The domain of time: confessions of a former military man

He is also known by the pseudonym Michael. Former soldier who was recruited in 1976. He claimed that he worked in the construction of the following 20 years. American colonies on Mars.

This was done as the CIA obtained documents about this project Tesla’s investigations. He also stated that the bases were used to secure all information. They will be created in the future.

Michael claimed that he worked on them for twenty years.The chronological age was reversed This technology is a great help. Plus he Go back in time Before being sent back to Earth.

He promised that this would be the case This is a common procedure In the military, there are also Their memories can be blocked Or, you can directly Eliminating them Once they have completed the mission to Mars.

The Pegasus Project and confirmation of Time travel

Andrew Basiago, renowned popularizer of the secret projects of the CIA. He was also a participant in the ” Pegasus project,” which focused on time travel.

Basiago claims to have participated in the Pegasus Project.

Basiago claimed the CIA had trained him American children To be the “explorers of space and time”

Children were chosen for different reasons. First, because they have more clear ideas. Witnessing unique events Because they lack experience.

Because children have been shown to age rapidly and become mentally unstable in past tests, the US government wanted to find out if time travel can cause mental or physical side effects.

The little ones didn’t show any symptoms after the trips.

Political manipulation

They discovered another benefit from all the tests of quantum manipulation for travel time, which was political manipulation.

Basiago stated that time travelers knew the most important positions in the government Long before the elections.

He stated that he was in Albuquerque in New Mexico in the 1970s when George HW Bush Jr. and George W. Bush Jr. were informed that they would be the future presidents.

In 1982, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were also mentioned in the same manner. Barack Obama was not even a student when this was reported.

Thanks to Testimonials from Obama Colleagues from the University He stated in biographical documentaries about the former President that he was Absolute certainty He would become the president of the United States.

There are many questions. Is the United States government able to predict what will happen in your country and the world before it actually happens? Are they able to prevent disasters? What is the reason?

What do you think?

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