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The Bob Taylor UFO: 9th November 1979

In 1979, 61-year-old Bob Taylor became the victim of the only UFO encounter in British history to be investigated by police as a case of criminal assault.

In Livingston, Scotland, local forester Bob Taylor was walking through woodland near his hometown. While walking through the woods, Taylor was astounded to see a huge dome shaped object hovering just off the ground in a small clearing. As he saw the object, two smaller ‘seamine’ shaped spheres dropped from the main craft and rolled towards him across the ground. According to researcher Malcolm Robinson, the two ‘seamines’ projected rods from their spherical bodies to grab Taylor by the hips and forcibly drag him to the ground. The rods ripped through Taylor’s trousers and cut into his skin. Taylor picked up an overwhelming smell of burning in the area before he passed out, waking around 20-minutes later to find the objects had vanished.

Bob Taylor was admitted to hospital with cut legs and a suspected head injury. Bob’s son-in-law said it looked like someone had taken a circular grinder to his trousers and ground through the fabric as well as the skin on Bob’s legs. Taylor described the object as being around 30-feet in height and being grey in colour, but gradually became more translucent towards the peak of the dome.

Police opened an investigation into the event and the following is an exact statement from their report after examining the crime scene: ‘The central marks [on the ground] were similar to that of a caterpillar tractor and were uniform in size. They indicated that an object of several tons had stood there but there was no evidence to suggest it had been driven or towed away’.

Bob Taylor’s daughter, Anne, said her father never believed in UFO’s until this event. Taylor died in 2007 aged 89 and the case was not officially closed by police until 2018.

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