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This plain in sight UAP was witnessed on the 19th of September 2021

The Autobahn UAP !

This plain in sight UAP was witnessed on the 19th of September 2021 in Germany on the A3 motorway near Neustadt an der Wied, roughly 30kms south east of the city of Bonn.This amazing video of a bright ( craft? ) was captured by Djezmi Amedov who had mixed emotions as he shared what he saw.

Witness Testimony :” It was around 7:30 p.m. While driving I saw this phenomenon on the Autobahn from Bonn towards Frankfurt near Neustadt Wied and while I was stunned by what I had just witnessed yet I had a very strange, in fact actually a happy feeling because I have always believed as a child that there was life out there in the Universe.  It was electrifying for me and when I was actually watching it seemed as if an actual electric current ran through my  whole body. 

It was sheer exitement as I had never imagined that I would actually see something like this for myself. I have seen a lot of videos and because they were all so mostly blurry I couldn’t decide what to believe. But now it had happened to me too.  Because of the sheer excitement I wanted to enlarge the object in the video and zoomed in but unfortunately everything to my dismay became slightly blurred as a result. I shared it with a few friends and colleagues who saw it but dismissed it as a CGI hoax. I can now understand what actual witnesses must feel. I know what I saw. And I am proud of it. And happy. 

“This UAP event is part of a rising number of cases that have been reported from Germany in the recent weeks.

Is there a need to start asking serious questions to the people in power? Are they going to keep ignoring actual sightings?

Not as long as people like Djezmi Amedov keep sharing it with the world.

What is … Is !

How long can the charade and the cover-ups and the lies last?

Keep the camera handy!

And share what you capture!

The truth is out there.Waiting to be revealed!

Watch. Share. Comment.

What do you think?

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